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About Bill

Bill began his Mortgage Banking career in 1996 after closing a lucrative construction company. He now enjoys spendin quality time with his wife Avril and their two boys. Bill also enjoys serving monthly at the local Homeless Shelter where he participates in cooking and serving the residents there.

Bill is consistently in the top 1% of loan originators at Bay Capital Mortgage for purchase transaction loans. Closing over 3000 loans and funding close to one billion in loans over his career, Bill and his staff have over seventy years of combined mortgage banking experience to help guide you through mortgage process.  

Bill and his staff take a professional, structured, and detailed approach to lending. Their single mission is for their clients to never look for another lender again. They believe this philosophy is the only approach they can take in this chaotic lending environment to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

One integral aspect to the success of Bill’s career has been his emphasis on creating honest and lasting relationships. Weekly updates, quick response times, knowledgeable answers and clear communication are the cornerstone of Bill’s dedication to supplying the best possible professional relationships. Instead of viewing it as an option, going the extra mile is always seen as a necessity to Bill and his staff. They would be honored to have the opportunity to help you with the financing of your next home. Contact Bill today to get started.   

Special Home Loan Program for College Graduates

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